Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Not Rye Lifeboat

This is a picture of crew training.

For the interesting chap who pointed it out last time - this is not, repeat NOT, Rye Lifeboat.

Training News

Another excellent weeks training. Monday evening saw us at sea with the Divisional Assessor from Hastings. It was my first time in any sea at night and it was fantastic. I couldn't see what was coming until it was almost on top of the boat and I had to steer the boat almost by feel. This time at sea experiencing different conditions at different times of day and night will really prove invaluable in the future, I am sure. Anyway us two probationers managed to get some more of our competencies signed off prior to attending our course at the RNLI college in March. Then it is is fingers crossed/breath held for selection to the crew proper. Future events at the station will be a radio/vhf course at the end of the month and a social event with flank stations mid February.