Sunday, 10 May 2015

*** Shout *** Broken Down Angling Boat

RNLI Relief Lifeboat B-875 ‘Alexander’ took a 26ft angling boat in tow at 1.37pm off Fairlight after Dover Coastguard requested Rye Harbour RNLI Volunteer lifeboat crew divert from exercise to go to the assistance of the casualty at 1.26pm.

The angling boat suffered engine failure whilst on return to Port and had been taken under tow by another boat.  The skipper of the boat that had taken the casualty in tow called Dover Coastguard requesting assistance as they didn’t feel they had enough experience to get the casualty into harbour.

The casualty was returned to her moorings at Rye and RNLI Relief Lifeboat B-875 ‘Alexander’ returned to station at 3.40pm

Andrew Tollett, Deputy Launching Authority at Rye Harbour RNLI Lifeboat Station said, ‘Regular training is essential as you never know what you are going be called to or when’

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