Monday, 20 July 2015

Two lifeboat calls during the Open Weekend

Royal National Lifeboat B-875 'Alexander'
Launched on service
Rye Harbour relief RNLI Lifeboat B-875 Alexander launched on service at 12.04pm to go to the assistance of a dog and their owner who were reported as being in the River Rother, near the harbour entrance.  The volunteer crew arrived on scene two minutes later where they landed the dog and owner safely ashore.

The visitors at Rye Harbour RNLI Lifeboat Stations Open Weekend thought that it was a demonstration rescue.  When they found out it was a real lifeboat shout there was disbelief.  One visitor commented ‘they just stopped what they were doing and were gone.  They went from laughing to serious in the blink of an eye’.

Casualty returning to the Public Slipway
Returning to the Public Slipway
The afternoon visitors were also treated to a lifeboat shout, when relief RNLI Lifeboat B-875 Alexander launched on service at 2.45pm to a speedboat that had broken down.  When the volunteer crew arrived alongside the casualty, the owner had managed to restart the engine.

The crew gave the casualty a tow off the bank and then escorted them back to the public slipway at Rye Harbour.

The Open Weekend was a great success, raising a total of £1131.57. 

Dungeness RNLB 13-02 'The Morrell' at Rye Harbour RNLI Lifeboat Station Open Weekend
Dungeness RNLB 13-02
'The Morrell
Tony Edwards, acting Lifeboat Operations Manager at Rye Harbour RNLI Lifeboat Station said: ‘on behalf of everyone here at Rye Harbour I would like to thank all the visitors and supporters who made this weekend a great success.  Special thanks go to Dungeness RNLI Lifeboat Crew, Rother Responders and South East Coast Ambulance service for attending our Open Weekend.

With the school holidays starting very shortly, we would like to remind you that when at the coast, if you see anyone in danger dial 999 or 112 and ask for the Coastguard’.

South East Coast Ambulance Service & Rother Responders at Rye Harbour RNLI Station Open Weekend
South East Coast Ambulance Service
and Rother Responders
Sea Safety Stall
Visitors and Supporters

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